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Ropex RES-415 Features:Ropex Resistron RES-415 Heat Seal Controller

  • µC-Technology

  • LC (green) or VF (blue)
    4 lines, 20-characters

  • Automatic zero calibration (AUTOCAL)

  • Automatic optimization (AUTOTUNE)

  • Automatic frequency adjustment

  • Large current and voltage range

  • Automatic configuration of secondary voltage and current ranges
    (AUTORANGE, as of software revision 100)

  • Booster terminal (MOD 26) as standard

  • Reduced menu structure

  • Alarm for "Temperature not OK"

  • Alarm function with fault diagnostics

  • Selectable temperature range (0...300°C, 0...500°C)

  • Selectable heatseal band alloy (A20 (Alloy-20), A20L, NOREX)
    via visualization software

  • RES-415 Operating Instructions:

Models and Part Numbers:

Part numbers for RES-415- _  / _ VAC

  • RES-415-L/115: LC-Display, Line voltage. 115VAC Part No. 741511

  • RES-415-L/230: LC-Display, Line voltage. 230VAC Part No. 741512

  • RES-415-L/400: LC-Display, Line voltage. 400VAC Part No. 741513

  • RES-415-V/115: VF-Display, Line voltage. 115VAC Part No. 741521

  • RES-415-V/230: VF-Display, Line voltage. 230VAC Part No. 741522

  • RES-415-V/400: VF-Display, Line voltage. 400VAC Part No. 741423

  • Alternate industry names for RES-415 controllers:

    • RES-415, RES415, RES_415, res-415, res415, res_415

Repair and Upgrades:

We offer a large range of RES impulse temperature control units, to
minimize your down time, and eliminate non-compliant repairs.

Accessories and Modifications:

... available for the RES-415

  • Booster (B)

  • Current transformer (PEX-W3)

  • Supervising fault current transformer (MSW)

  • Line filter (LF)

  • Heatseal power transformer (PTR)

  • Communication interface (CI-USB-1)


P: 414 507-9378
F: 262 628-4451


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