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ROPEX RES Series "400" Features:

    Three different  housings:

    For various applications,

    • Panel mounting housing

    • Controller with top hat rail housing (DIN-rail TS35)

      • With separate display and operation panel

    • Controller with top hat rail housing (DIN-rail TS35)

      • Analog or digital interfaces

    Process monitoring:

    The multi-lingual display of pre-set and measured values, in real-time or hold mode, provides the visualization of process conditions and error messages. This is possible on LC or VF displays.

    Flexible and simple operation:

    The Ropex Resistron "RES-400" series controllers are perfect solution for precise control of manual and automatic packaging and sealing machines. Simple menus including features like AUTOCAL, automatic line frequency adjustment and temperature range selection make operation easy.

    Error detection:

    Trouble shooting with the Ropex Resistron "RES-400" series controllers are simplified with a built in diagnostic tool. This tool supervises the controller itself and the external closed loop system. When a fault occurs, an error message or code is displayed that identifies the nature and location of the problem.


    Several interfaces like CAN-Bus, PROFIBUS, or analog signals make PLC and network connection easy with the "RES-400" series controllers.


    The Ropex Resistron "RES-400" series controllers utilize modern micro-controllers and digital signal processing to provide important features like AUTOCAL, AUTOTUNE, temperature linearization. error detection, input signal range extension (current and voltage of the heat seal element) and closed loop system dynamic enhancement.

    Safety and conformity:

    Additional hardware and software features integrated into the design of the Ropex Resistron "RES-400" series controller provide increased operation reliability and prevent accidental over heating of the heatseal element. These controllers conform to valid international standards, guidelines and EMC requirements to guarantee safe operation and high electrical EMC immunity.

    Standards / CE marking:

    The Ropex Resistron "RES 400" Series Controllers described here comply with the following standards, provisions and directives.

    DIN EN 61010-1
    (VDE 0411-1)
    Safety provisions for electrical measuring, control and laboratory devices (low voltage directive).
    Overvoltage category III, pollution severity 2 safety class II.

    DIN EN 60204-1
    Electrical interference of machines.
    (machinery directive)

    EN 50081-1
    EMC interference emissions according to EN 550011, group 1, class B.

    EN 50082-2
    EMC interference immunity:
    ESDs, RF radiation, bursts, surges.

    Compliance with these standards and provisions is only guaranteed if original accessories and/or peripheral components approved by Ropex are used. If not, then the equipment is operated on the user's own responsibility.

    The CE marking on the controller confirms that the device itself complies with the above mentioned standards.

    It does not imply, however, that the overall system also fulfills these standards.

    It is the responsibility of the machine manufacturer and of the user to verify the completely installed, wired and operationally ready system in the machine with regard to conformity with the safety provisions and the EMC directive. If peripheral components (e.g., the transformer or the line filter) from other manufactures are used, no functional guarantee can be provided by Ropex.

    RES Features:Ropex pdf

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