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Heat Seal Band Burn-in Steps:

Some naming in the following text will differ depending on the ROPEX Resistron controller model you are using. User input will also depend on whether you are using a Resistron display controller or HMI.

  • Step #1
    Install new heat-seal band.

  • Note: The controller may prompt the user to “RESET” prior to Step #2.

  • Step #2
    Activate the Resistron controller “AutoCAL” function using the default value 20°C.

  • Step #3
    To burn-in the heat-seal band, set the Resistron controller heat-sealing temperature to approximately 250°C (or 50°C higher than your maximum required heat-sealing temperature).

  • Step #4
    Energize the heat-seal band for approximately 1 second.

    Note: For Resistron display controllers - With the display in home position, press the "HAND" key to energize the heat-seal band for approximately 1 second.

  • Step #5
    Wait for the heat-seal band to cool to its ambient state (the displayed temperature will typically be less than the default value of 20°C).

  • Step #6
    Repeat the “AutoCAL” function to complete the burn-in procedure.

  • The heat-seal band has now been burned-in and the alloy properties have been stabilized.

Note: The burn-in effect described above does not occur if the heat-sealing band has already been burned-in, or previously thermally stabilized by the manufacturer.


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